Reconnect, unite in Peace and build the New World, the world that respects all and Nature across all borders based on reasons incompatible with MPTA or Peace. Be united to save our planet Earth!

Letter to the United Nations
Letter to all leaders in all countries

Dear Mr Guterres,
Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

We have been wanting to write this letter to…

Our world is based on a Big Lie and a Big Aberration: "some people are superior to others and to Nature". This has allowed some to abuse and treat other people as a mere commodity and Nature as a raw material from which anything can be made. The Truth is…

Investing in Peace requires global clean-up operation

Global clean-up operation to boost Peace []

[original article of July 3, 2008]

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive weapons on Earth.

Everyone has the images of Hiroshima after the bomb stored in his mind forever. Just think of the many victims that were vaporized into nothing or to those…

Inspiring others to change this world and make it a world for all

New land of Hope and Peace — inspired by Danellandia []

A new land of Hope and Peace

Many countries still have a lot of undeveloped areas. They have the space but lack the financial means to develop it. Some have a high level of poverty. Many countries are torn by primitive wars (primitive as…

Violence of all kinds shows a lack of connectedness to Peace or MPTA

Speaking WiSOP or the language of Peace []

Message of Heart to all of Humanity:
build Peace — be Love — stop all violence!

The New World Pact has been inspired by Nature and Peace or MPTA. It started in the early 2000s (and even before). Indeed, some us have been receiving inspirations ever since we were young children.

The inspirations…

Fair and honest all across the world — a major repair tool

Finally a tool to repair the damage done to people and Nature []

Money makes the world go round. Really?

Money laundering and related issues have become a major problem around the world. Inequality between rich and poor is often the result of ill-gotten money or money obtained on the basis…

Only the truth about what Life is can repair the damage and save us

Nobody has superiority over others or Nature []

Truth of Life — lie of destruction

Are we living in a civilized world? Are we living in a civilization or in a shadow of a civilization?

To tell the truth: most of the world is not living in a civilization worth that name. Many people are not even (given the opportunity and the means) to live but are being lived. …

Making the world more unsafe and lethal for many

Please copy letter to UNICEF — we want children to smile more and not have to suffer []

WIC — weapons industry case

Model letter to UNICEF
Mrs Henrietta H. Fore, Executive Director

Please copy this letter freely, adapt it if you want and send it to her via the address of your local Unicef office. …

Our survival depends on respecting Nature always and globally

Intelligence comes in different forms — this world needs CIQ leaders []

Primitive in that they lack deep-felt humanity and faith

Time to sanitize beliefs and boost humanity and peace []

Nobody has to right to ruin the life of anyone else. Religious beliefs are often contradictory to what “faith” or the “belief in goodness” or “Peace” or “genuine deep-felt humanity” stands for. You can be religious without having faith. …

New World Pact

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace from Danellandia — the World land of Peace. Human values shared across all borders so as to build a sustainable future for all.

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