A call to work on a New World for all and for Nature.

Lea is a child that represents all the children of the world.

This world is very often too hard for children. The world they dream of is quite different from what the world is like today.

Lea has some suggestions to change it for the better.

Lea is no more. She died from a curable disease. Her family did not have the means to pay for the doctor.

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Lea or Little Esther’s Testament

Hello, I’m Little Esther from Africa.
I was born on October 2, 2007. …

Rethinking our way of treating people and Nature

Majai’vi — symbol and greeting of Peace [www.majaivi.net]

Shareholders and Nature

All things considered, we are all part of the same Humanity and Nature is the owner of Life. Why is the life of so many people not respected and why is Nature so often mistreated?

For centuries and ever more intensely, the primitive drive to amass power and money even when it damages other people and Nature has led to the world we live in now: a world of enormous inequalities, disrespect for people and Nature, abuse and violence… A world of quality for some and subsistence for many others.

It has…

Preventing Humanity’s mistakes from being exported into Space

Jointly cleaning up the damage and building a sustainable future on Earth [spacepeacecharter.org]

Space seems to be the new frontier

The exploration of Space should not lead to new conflicts and wars, but be regulated in the interest of and to the benefit of all countries and every citizen as a whole.

Civilization on Earth has gone through a history of positive and negative developments.

Technological advancements have been many, but it is sad to see that a large part of the population on Earth is still living in poverty and lacking the means to lead an acceptable life.

Throughout history, millions of people have been killed as a result of the…

A myth forever or something to work on ourselves?

Building bridges towards a future like in the “Promised Land”

Many people are hoping to find
the mythical Promised Land.
We had been looking too.
We had travelled the world
and found there was none.
At least not physically.

Until we found it in our minds.

Peace and human values
can take Mankind to
the Promised Land.

If we do not change,
the Land will always be a myth.

Reconnect, unite in Peace and build the New World, the world that respects all and Nature across all borders based on reasons incompatible with MPTA or Peace. Be united to save our planet Earth!

Letter to the United Nations
Letter to all leaders in all countries

Dear Mr Guterres,
Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

We have been wanting to write this letter to you, but did not until today.

It is a letter that is based on inspirations that we have been having ever since the early 2000s (and even before). We are a group of friends that met in real life and on the internet. …

Faith in common values shared by all everywhere

Peace everywhere

Inspiring others to help boost peace everywhere whatever their country, race, religion, gender…

Peace is the common ground we can build a sustainable world on.

To illustrate how we interpret peace and faith, Pedro wrote this letter:

“As you will notice, we have been very open to people of different backgrounds. We have friends that are Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Spiritist… even agnostics.

I was born a Christian. But later in life I somehow lost my faith. It was not strong. Until some years ago, when as a result of continued and increasing stress I had what was called a brain crash. My brain just could not cope anymore. All of a sudden, I had like…

Penetratingly natural and renewable

Sweet diamonds — a natural tonic to boost your energy [diamondsofhumanity.net]

Man and woman have in them a source of energy, code-named WiSOP. It is renewable forever.

Danellandia’s sweet diamonds [thoughts about Life, Nature, health, society, human values and many other issues] will help people to develop that source. Use them abundantly and the compliment “you shine” will come your way often.

WiSOP can cool you down when the heat is on. And can warm you up when the spirits are low.

You can never have an overdose. It is the safest medicine available.

Totally free and penetratingly natural. WiSOP has no negative side-effects.

You will shine like a diamond from within

When all people…

Creating paradise(s) for some only is standing in the way of Peace

Present-day economic and political system is too damaging to people and Nature [cleanthisworld.org]

Our idea of paradise is quite different. It is not fiscal at all. We hope our messages will make you get the feel of what we consider to be more like paradise.

Maybe the “inhabitants” of fiscal paradises will want to leave them as they come to value other things more than loads of money.

We think our society is becoming too money-minded instead of people-minded. People are seen as one of the elements you need to make your factory work for instance. …

Boosting Nature’s health and ours.

Without life we cannot exist.
Without water there is no life.
Without Nature we would be mere dust.

Nature is the Mother of it all.
She tells us but hardly anybody hears it.
She wants to be cherished as the Mother of it all.

Nature is too precious to waste.
Hurting her is hurting ourselves.
Destroying her is destroying ourselves.

Is self-destruction not a mental disease?

Let’s listen to the sounds of our Mother.
Let’s toast to her and to life
with a glass of crystal-clear water.

Do it everyday and it will make you healthier.
She will not notice?
She notices more than we are aware of.

To her health and to yours!
To a healthy planet with healthy people!

From: diamondsofhumanity.net

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace

A pact to build a world for all based on shared universal values

New World Pact — a future for all

Anyone using his/her CIQ or higher human intelligence can sense the world of madness, confusion, deceit and abuse of people and of Nature cannot not go on.

Everyone everywhere is part of the same Humanity depending on the same and only Nature and living on one and the same planet Earth.

Continuing to invest in weapons of destruction, in methods, intelligence and systems to dominate, manipulate and exploit people and Nature cannot be tolerated any longer.

Those using their CIQ and connected to MPTA or Higher Intelligence…

New World Pact

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace from Danellandia — the World land of Peace. Human values shared across all borders so as to build a sustainable future for all.

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