New World Pact

Aug 2, 2021

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New and genuinely social media

Letter to owners of social media platforms and others

Monetizing and algorithmetizing is going too far. Time for respect across the board []

Letter to the owners of social media platforms

Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

You and other media seem to delve into whatever we do on our computers and other digital devices. As an example, we noted down an appointment with our dentist in our agenda and when a few moments later, we visited one of our favourite news sites, adverts about dental treatment appeared on it.

Like more and more people, we wonder whether you really just mine or cull data so as to send us personalized advice or adverts?

You regularly do send us updates about privacy and the like, but we are not really free to choose. You have come to dominate the internet and alternative are few.

People are not a commodity

We are in fact obliged to use your services, though you will most probably refute that. Many people have become addicted to them. Indeed, we admit many of the services you offer are a great help. But do you really need to go that far and make us feel like a commodity?

Many of you have come to have almost no scruples about collecting as many data about us as possible. Data mining has become a very lucrative business indeed. But at what cost? Can you still be considered social? The term social is evidently up for a new definition. As is the term society.

Where did you get the right to collect all that data? Who has given you the right to try and make money out of our way of living, working and thinking? In short, from data about our bodies, personalities and very souls? Is there no limit?

Time for a new internet that does respect all people []

Playing with our souls

Playing with feelings of superiority and inferiority is a very dangerous game. You may not directly understand what we mean. It takes a special kind of soul or cosmic awareness to really grasp that you should not play with something that is far superior to any lower human intelligence drive (or CLIQ) to manipulate people so they start to think in a certain way. In a way that you can exploit to monetize or bitconize them.

We can only hope we will one day (soon) have higher human intelligence (or CIQ) alternatives so we can all surf on a free internet where we are not being manipulated and not treated as a commodity that feels it is being robotized, digitized, algorithmetized and monetized. In short, an internet and social media where all people are treated and respected as unique human beings. Human is very much related to the new CIQ definition of “social”.

A final question or suggestion? Maybe it is time to think CIQ and offer those very alternatives?


Ambassadors of Nature and Peace